Craig Hyslop, CAT(C), BKin-AT

'While you’re still young.'  Craig believes the body depreciates more from lack of use than lack of youth.  At any age, with proper education and guidance, you can: advance your health / fitness, extend your quality of life years, and actively recover from those acute or chronic nagging injuries.  Craig founded Alpine Athletics in 2019 to assist all abilities of the general public; whether your goals include: being able to walk your furry friend again or compete at the highest level in sport.  Away from the ‘office’ Craig fills his time in the outdoors, mainly on bikes and skis.


-Athletic Therapy Program, BKin-AT (University of Manitoba, 2012)

Professional Memberships:

-Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA), www.AthleticTherapy.org

-Athletic Therapist Association of British Columbia (ATABC), www.AthleticTherapyBC.ca


-CAT(C), Certified Canadian Athletic Therapist

-Prior training through Active Release Techniques

-First Responder and CPR/AED Level HCP (Health Care Provider), Canadian Red Cross

-Pn1, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Healthy Philosophy:

-Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (the S.A.I.D. principal).  For tissue to adapt, it must be gradually stressed in a specific and controlled direction when it is safe to do so.  Health also includes: quality sleep habits, consumption of nutritious foods, and a controlled mental outlook on life, but that’s a conversation for later.


-Prince George Cougars Hockey Club (WHL), 5 seasons as the Head Athletic Therapist

-CBI Prince George, 2 years treating private clients and working with the OR2 program

-Various clinics and sports teams throughout the Winnipeg area for the minimum 1200 hours combined clinical / field hours required to graduate from the University of Manitoba Athletic Therapy program

-Personally recovered from numerous fractures, surgeries, sprains, and strains


Alpine Athletics: Rehab, Prevention, Performance


#150 – 556 North Nechako Road, Prince George, BC, V2K1A1
Just past Theater North West, in the Parkhill Centre

Within Active Health Solutions (AHS) building